Sports Fanatics

Are You A Sports Fanatic?

Sports Fanatics filled with single minded zeal.

sports fanaticThe definition of the word fanatic is a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.  The most frequent time you hear the word fan is when people are talking about sports.  There are 7 Billion people on earth and almost half of them are sports fanatics.  That’s a lot of fans.

Just think, not too long ago even the most crazed sports fanatic could only listen to a game on the radio if they were not at the game.  Now, even the most casual sports fan can watch almost any game on several different types of media. It just goes to show you how the media outlets saw the value in putting these games on TV, apps, mobile devices and any other possible way to allow us fanatics to participate.

Sports Fanatics Mania:

  • The real sports fanatics of the world share many things in common.
  • They are passionate about a team or specific player.
  • They tend to have parties and gatherings to watch their teams.
  • They share a genuine thirst for knowledge of the game they love.
  • And lastly, they almost all share the common trait of being tremendously competitive.

Competition drives people to succeed and see their teams succeed.  While some sports fanatics focus on one team or player, most true sports fanatics tend to be a fan of the entire sport of their favorite team.  Taking it a step further you will find that most sports fanatics like multiple sports.  Check the phone or tablet of the average sports fan in America and you will see multiple sports apps from multiple sports.

Not to mention the sports teams and sports stars they follow on twitter or Instagram or snapchat.  They also follow several different sports stations or blogs.  Needing the info about a game or player or injury or score as soon as it happens is what most sports fans crave.  Firefan will bring ALL of the elements of every social media app out there into one amazing game!

sports fanaticsPersonally, knowing Fire Fan will have all kinds of sports, it has made me curious to learn about all the sports I know very little about.  I am a casual soccer fan, so I want to learn more and play it on the app.  I know even less about rugby but with the Fire Fan sports app I will be able to learn and play against others much more knowledgeable than me.

Sports will always be a great common connection for so many people.  So come on all you sports fanatics…its time to be a part of the new sports fanatic revolution & play Fire Fan with single minded zeal!

Sports Fanatics, with The Fire Fan Sports App you can:

  • Play with sports fanatics, the world’s best pro athlete and celebrities from around the globe!
  • Make play predictions while watching your team play.
  • 1 app covers every major sport from soccer, cricket, rugby, basketball, baseball etc.
  • Get cool rewards like tickets to pro games, hats, shirts, electronics & travel.

Challenge yourself and other sports fanatics & let’s see who gets the #1 spot on the FireFan leaderboard.


Rick G

Former right-handed Major League Baseball relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. Sports enthusiast, philanthropist and contributor to Team Vision Fire Fan players league.