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Free Sports App Review: FireFan App

The free sports app, FireFan is coming to android and iOS devices Thanksgiving 2016!

best free sports appFireFan the first interactive sports app, that lets you play Live and act as the coach as you predict each series or drive. The coolest Free Sports App on the market is what sports fans are calling it.

Fire Fan is very unique and will revolutionize the way Sports fans interact with their teams. Fans will enjoy playing the app at home, in the stands, and in their favorite sports bar. Sports fanatics will call this free sports app the Omega of all sports apps. It’s the only Free sports app on the market that will cover every major sport, fans enjoy.

Football, basketball, baseball, soccer (MLS, primer league, and more), rugby, cricket, boxing and many more. Now you will only need one sports app taking up space on your phone…FireFan. Register at Best Sports App to get 12 free tokens & play your first LIVE game this Thanksgiving!

Why Play This Free Sports App?

As a sports and video game enthusiast, this concept is something I have never seen done before. Sure there are live sports apps on the market but they are for individual sports.  Winview Games is one of the competitor apps out on the market. It is for football only and in my opinion, this app was not good. The presentation was awful and the way it played was not exciting at all. After testing it out I knew I would not continue to play Winview.

Fire Fan will bring spectacular presentation and gameplay; it will be simple and enjoyable for every fan from novice to advanced. No need to keep every stat or create leagues, now we can follow our favorite teams, make live play calls, earn cool rewards & challenge professional athletes that will be playing FireFan with us.  The interactive chat will let you banter and trash talk with your buddies and further engage as the free sports app enhances our sporting experience!

Free Sports App FireFan vs Fantasy

FireFan is a free sports app that is not gambling and is legal in every state & every country. Millions of football, cricket, rugby and soccer fans are ready to play FireFan.

firefan appfirefan appfirefan appEven Fantasy sports enthusiasts are ready to enjoy a fun game they can play while keeping a close eye on their team. Many who participate in fantasy say it is difficult keeping up with their roster each week. Many people forgot to switch a player out due to a bye week or an injury and it causes them to lose. I’m curious to see if how many fantasy sports players will convert to this free sports app because it’s so much more engaging and fun.

Fantasy sports fans are flocking to this Free Sports App to enjoy just playing with their team each week. No need to worry about playing with players from the opposite teams or having to make sure their lineup is in place for the game. They will play with their team, when the live game starts and will really enjoy the social community in the FireFan Free Sports App. The social chat allows all fans to interact with each other all over the world, trash talk, banter back and forth and stay engaged even when the live game is over.

You can use emoji’s and gifs within the live chat, which is something I have not seen being used in any other sports app on the market. The live sports app is also the first to allow you to compete with former/current pro Athletes and your favorite celebrities.

This game will soon be a common household app, that people all over the world will be downloading and playing. Be sure to take advantage of the pre-game registration to get full player benefits!  Click the button below & get your game on with 12 tokens to play FireFan.

Get Your Game On!

Make your own decision if FireFan really is the best free sports app of 2016.


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