Why Cubs Won 2016 World Series


cubs won 2016 world series

This year’s baseball playoffs showed how different things really are in the playoffs. From wild-card strategy to your starter just getting you to the 4th inning. This year we saw a lot of things we haven’t in the past.

Buck may be thinking of that one for a long time:

The ALWC started the insanity when Buck Showalter, who is a very good manager, did NOT use the best pitcher, Zach Britton, in baseball in their wild card game. The fact that Britton had warmed up for 3 consecutive innings and didn’t enter the game is something former pitchers and arm chair managers both were scratching their heads over. Buck may be thinking of that one for a long time.

The NLWC game between the Giants and Mets did not disappoint with Madison Bumgarner spinning his post season mastery as predicted. The battle with Mets starter Noah Syndegard was as much about the hair as it was about the weaving of 2 gems by both pitchers. If Paul Mitchell wasn’t a sponsor of that game, they sure missed that advertising opportunity.   The Giants finally broke it open with the unlikely hero of Conner Gillespie’s 3 run HR off Mets closer Jeurys Familia to give the Giants playoff life.

Maybe next year Bannister’s Boys:

The ALDS had the much anticipated rematch of Toronto vs Texas and maybe round 2 of Bautista vs Odor. Odor had delivered a hard right to the jaw of Bautista earlier in the year and they looked to deliver the knock-out punch in this series. The Blue Jays had other plans. The combo of very good starting pitching by Toronto and poor starting from Texas, mixed with timely hits and HRs for Toronto sunk the Rangers in 3 straight. Maybe next year Bannister’s Boys.

The other ALDS pitted the Red Sox vs the upstart young men from “Believe”land. Riding the success of Lebron James and the Cavs, the Indians used great starting pitching and solid relief to put away the Red Sox and send David Ortiz to the Shady Acres retirement home for old ball players. His amazing season, will go down in history for a player over 40 years old, concluded with an IBB in his final AB. Terry Francona wasn’t going to give Big Papi the chance to hurt his team. Well done Tito.

The NLDS had the Dodgers topping the Nationals in 5 games which including manager Dave Roberts going way off the norm when he used his setup man in the third inning, his closer in the seventh and his Cy Young Award-winning starter for the final two outs of the NLDS. Joe Blanton, Kenley Jansen and Clayton Kershaw all delivered the goods in the final game and having baseball purists asking, “What on earth is he doing?”

Joe Maddon look like a managerial genius:

The Giants vs Cubs NLDS was headed for game 5 but then the top of the 9th happened for the Cubs. Down 5-2, the Cubs scored four times and won 6-5 to shock a team that had won 10 straight games when facing elimination. It all came crashing down on the Giants and their glaring lack of a bullpen came to light and sent them home for the long winter. The combo of powerful youth and crafty veterans for the Cubs continued to make Joe Maddon look like a managerial genius.

The ALCS was sure to delight with 2 very dynamic teams facing off for the right to go to the World Series. The October of Tito was capped off with him having confidence in a kid with only 1 MLB start prior to the night. Ryan Merritt got them deep enough into the game and let Miller, Shaw and Allen do their thing. Francona guided his charges to their first pennant since 1997.

Cubs Won 2016 World Series

FireFan App reviewFireFan App reviewfire fan app reviewThe NLCS had the Cinderella story and America’s favorites, the Goat cursed Cubs vs the LA Dodgers. The ghosts of Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and harry Carey had never seen. For the first time in 71 years, the Cubs were going to the World Series. 71 YEARS. That is a lifetime and for most Cubs fans, an eternity.

For perspective…The Yankees played in 26 World Series in that endless time span. The Dodgers played in 15. The Cardinals played in 11. The Cubs players and front office watched or listened to all of them from their off season misery. The Cubs were National League Champions of 2016. Fly the W.

The 2016 World Series had ups and downs and emotions unparalleled. The series went the full 7 games and concluded with that game 7 being heralded as the best game 7 of all time. Game 7 in a World Series is baseballs way of saying to every baseball fanatic out there. “We Love You.” The game had it all including an insane comeback by the Indians with a game tying 2 run HR by Rajai Davis off the hardest throwing pitcher in the game. Also, a rain delay before the game went to the 10th inning. Free baseball in the final game of the year.

The Cubs erased 108 years of heartache and Kyle Schwarber was right in the thick of it. The American League had won the All-Star game in July and per MLB rules, that meant the Indians would have home field advantage in the 2-3-2 series. Since Schwarber had knee surgery earlier in the year, he was not cleared to play the field. So as the DH in the 4 games in Cleveland he went off. In 17 Abs he had 7 hits, .412 batting avg, scored 2 runs, had 2 RBIs and even stole a base. The Cubs should write a Thank You note to Bud Selig.

These playoffs did not disappoint any baseball fan. Just think if you were playing Firefan and were trying to keep up with the masterminds of the game. When to put in this pitcher, when to pinch hit for this guy or who was going to score in this inning. The sports and baseball fanatic will fall in love with their game all over again when Firefan is here. Register for FREE and get ready to evolve your experience.

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