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This Sports app blog is for the sports fanatic in you. With FireFan App the evolution in gaming begins. Sports app reviews with all the plays needed to decide which one is the right one for you.

Why Cubs Won 2016 World Series

cubs win 2016 world series

HOW THE AMERICAN LEAGUE WINNING THE ALL STAR GAME HELPED THE CUBS TO THE 2016 WORLD SERIES This year’s baseball playoffs showed how different things really are in the playoffs. From wild-card strategy to your starter just getting you to the 4th inning. This year we saw a lot of things we haven’t in the […]

Sports Fanatics

sports fanatic

Are You A Sports Fanatic? Sports Fanatics filled with single minded zeal. The definition of the word fanatic is a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.  The most frequent time you hear the word fan is when people are talking about sports.  There are 7 Billion people on earth and almost half of them […]

Free Sports App Review Fire Fan Gear Up To Play

fire fan sports app

Free Sports App Review: FireFan App The free sports app, FireFan is coming to android and iOS devices Thanksgiving 2016! FireFan the first interactive sports app, that lets you play Live and act as the coach as you predict each series or drive. The coolest Free Sports App on the market is what sports fans are calling it. […]

Sports Fans Unite To Play FireFan

free sports game app

Attention Sports Fans: This new sports app is for all sports fans; social, serious, fanatics.  FireFan is free to play. Engage with friends, other sports fans and even professional athletes as you all watch your favorite teams play live!  You simply download it on your mobile phone and invite your friends to join you as you call […]