Dianza & Joey Martin

Move Over Fantasy...

“Goodbye Fantasy Football. We are excited to challenge each other, friends, families and professional players! Looking forward to trading in loyalty points for team swag, tickets to the game, electronics and more. This new live interactive sports app will revolutionize the way we all watch sports.”

Evolve Your Sports Experience!

“This game is made for all the sports fans young and old. It adapts to your specific skill level from novice to advanced. It's just awesome!!!”

TJ King
Rick & Veronica Strouse

Gear Up & Make Live Play Calls!

"I was never a huge sports fan like my husband but all of that has changed since Firefan came out. Once I saw the state of the art graphics and simplicity, I was eager to play. However, the very best part is that it has brought us closer together as a couple. Now it's time to invite all our Sports Plex customers to play in our league!”


Is Denver going to complete 2 passes this drive? Will the Rockets get more fouls this quarter? Will Manchester score more goals? If you think you know what’s going to happen before the play unfolds, it’s time to get in the game and crush your friends in live game play!

Play along live while watching from the stands, from your front room or anywhere. Compete against your friends, family,  other fans, pro athletes & celebrities to correctly pick the plays & redeem loyalty points for REAL rewards!

Rick Greene

Revolutionary Is An Understatement.

"This mobile app will be better than any social media app ever launched because it involves sports. It gets you closer to stars and celebrities and allows you to engage friends and family like never before. Revolutionary is an understatement. PLAY BALL."


fire fan sports app